Congratulations to the RHPTP 2021 Cohort

The Federal Office of Rural Health Policy (FORHP) and The National Rural Health Resource Center (The Center) would like to congratulate four outstanding organizations that participated in the first year of RHPTP!

  • Lincoln County Medical Center, New Mexico
  • Guadalupe County Hospital, New Mexico
  • Lawrence County Health Department, Illinois
  • Sudan Medical Clinic, Texas

All four organizations received focused technical assistance which included:

  • An individualized quality improvement (QI) project to impact either patient experience, coordination of care, patient safety, or building infrastructure that embeds QI into practice
  • A financial risk assessment and action planning designed to determine financial risk, identify strategies, and develop tactics to address operational cost-efficiency opportunities in preparation to participate in value-based care
  • A peer to peer learning collaborative specifically designed to meet the needs of the four organizations

Watch for future updates sharing their successes!

2021-2022 RHPTP Application Deadline Extended

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RHPTP is designed to help strengthen value-based care (VBC) for health care organizations by building recipients’ foundation for VBC in efficiency, quality, patient experience, and safety of care.

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