Equitably Re-envisioning Health Input Requested

Missouri Foundation for Health is currently part of a partnership with the Rippel Foundation, regarding a project called FORESIGHT.

The initiative is a first of its kind attempt to design a bold, new future for health—together. FORESIGHT is a catalyst for equitably re-envisioning health using a “futuring” process that includes the voices of thousands of people across the U.S. The goal is to co-design the paths and partnerships that will lead to a better future, and then to begin to implement those ideas.

Currently, the project has an active survey that we are pushing out to everyone: community partners, general public, everyone. To move forward as a country, we need everyone’s input on what they would like the future to look like. There are no right or wrong answers in the survey. In fact, most of it is open-ended questions. If you all have time, this took me about 30 minutes or so to complete, it would be great if you all contributed. You also should feel free to pass this on, share on social media if you want, etc. To start, just click to add your voice and perspectives!