Federal Office of Rural Health Policy Announcements

Date: April 18, 2022

Community Health Worker Training Program

This announcement is a prime opportunity for organizations that considered applying for the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy’s (FORHP) Rural Public Health Workforce Training Program, which closed for applications on March 18, 2022.

The Community Health Worker Training Program is a new multiyear program from the Health Resources and Services Administration’s (HRSA) Bureau of Health Workforce focused on education and on-the-job training to build the pipeline of public health workers. This effort will support training and apprenticeship programs to help more people enter the health workforce and serve the critical role of trusted messengers to connect people to care and support, help ensure patients follow-up on their provider’s recommendations, and focus on preventive and protective factors that can improve health and well-being.

Through this program, HRSA plans to train 13,000 community health workers, increasing access to care, improving public health emergency response, and addressing the public health needs of underserved communities. The Community Health Worker Training Program builds on several other funding opportunities related to the public health workforce.

Community health workers are critically important in rural areas where services are limited. They increase access to care by providing culturally appropriate public health and prevention education, assistance in care coordination, and advocating for individuals and communities within the health and social services system. For more information on how rural communities can develop Community Health Worker programs that meet their specific needs, please visit the Rural Health Information Hub’s Rural Community Health Worker Toolkit.

Click here to apply for the Community Health Worker Training Program via grants.gov.

Applications are due June 14, 2022.