Geographic Direct Contracting: A Powerful Opportunity for Population Health

The Geographic Direct Contracting Model is designed to achieve a key goal of value-based care: to ensure that every beneficiary has an entity accountable for their health care cost and quality.  Health is local, and for a participant to be successful in Geo, it will need to impact the health of Medicare beneficiaries who reside in the region it serves — not just through traditional medical services, but through active outreach to populations currently disconnected from care and through integration with community, social, and public health services. 

By making geography the unit of change, and by enabling care transformation for entire communities, the Geo Model can greatly improve the quality of healthcare delivered to the people within it.

Read more from Dawn Alley, PhD, Spencer Carrucciu, and Pauline Lapin on the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Blog. For more information, see the Geographic Direct Contracting webpage.