Increase Your Revenue at no Cost – Check out the Access Plus Underpayment Recovery System

August 9, 2023

Increase Your Revenue – Check out the Access Plus Underpayment Recovery System

The Access Discount Healthcare (ADHC) Underpayment Recovery System Analysis Audit is a proprietary technology system that identifies and recovers underpayments, manages denials and overpayment fines and responses, automates appeals and requests, and is a contract modeler essential in negotiating more favorable contracts. This risk free service is a bonus addition to your Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) efforts.

Cost: $0 upfront fees

  • ADHC funds all the costs and risks, including contract load fees, appeals processes, audit and training which is applied to the recovery fee.
  • All fees are 100% paid by a % of recovered underpayment fees from the initial audit of past claims

Where do underpayments go when recovered?

  • All underpayments are paid directly to the client, by the payer
  • ADHC bills the client for a percentage of recovered underpayments, after the client is paid

Expected recovery of past underpayments:

  • Historically, the underpayment system uncovers 5-30% of your total commercial, Medicare and Medicaid payments which have been paid incorrectly, on every analysis – the average recoupment is 20% of your total revenue.
  • Collection statistics for commercial payer underpayments are 85-90% of identified claims

How long does the analysis take to complete?

  • Minimum facility time is 30 minutes or less to upload 835 electronic billing records
  • Once all contracts and data files are received, it typically takes 14 days to complete the analysis and start the appeals process

What this service will do:

  • Analyze every remittance within a 12-24 month period to determine contractual compliance of each reimbursement
  • Works with payers to recover underpayments
  • Under payment recovery
  • Risk free addition to Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)
  • Work with payers to recover underpayments

What makes this service different?

  • Works only with remittance files which clients expect no further revenue, making their services a compliment to all your other RCM efforts
  • Provides new revenue
  • Analyzes billions of dollars in reimbursements and remittances, finding noncompliance and underpayments for 100% of their clients
  • Typical result is 10% – 20% of gross payer receipts in recovery
  • Work solely on a contingency basis
  • No upfront fees, costs, ongoing tasks required from clients
  • They take 100% of the risk and effort to recover revenues for their clients
  • Access Healthcare are only compensated at the successful recovery of underpayments for your facility

For more information, or to schedule a call, contact:

Zach Evans, Managing Principal

Clearview Savings Consultants, LLC

(816) 390-3707

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