Just in Time Training Resources for Vaccination Programs Using EMTs

Resources include videos, reference guides and a skills checklist to prepare EMTs to administer coronavirus vaccine

Many communities across the nation are recognizing the important role EMS clinicians can play in expanding access to coronavirus vaccines. The NHTSA Office of EMS, in coordination with federal partners, national EMS organizations and state and local officials, has compiled resources to help EMS systems train EMTs and other clinicians to administer the available SARS-CoV-2 vaccines safely and effectively.

The Just in Time Training for EMT Vaccination Programs includes:

  • Descriptions of the required skills and how to properly teach and evaluate them
  • Downloadable skills assessment checklist
  • Links to training videos
  • And other important information about the vaccines and EMS vaccination programs

You can access all the resources here or by visiting the COVID-19 resources page on EMS.gov.