Lupus Foundation of America-Heartland Chapter Lupus Awareness Campaign

October 19, 2017

Be Fierce. Take Control. to Raise Awareness of Lupus

While many people have heard of lupus, few know anything about the disease beyond its name. Lupus is a lifelong autoimmune disease that is most common in young women. It can cause inflammation and damage to any part of the body, causing symptoms like joint pain, fatigue, and skin rashes. Because these symptoms are also common for many other medical conditions— and symptoms show up differently for everyone who has lupus—it can take years to receive an accurate diagnosis and begin proper care. During that time, lupus continues to cause irreversible damage to the body.

The American College of Rheumatology (ACR) and the Lupus Foundation of America (LFA) wanted to change that and minimize the impact of lupus on the lives of young women. They’ve teamed up to launch the Be Fierce. Take Control.™ campaign to raise awareness of lupus, its symptoms, and how to take the next step if they are experiencing symptoms. The campaign encourages African American and Latino women, who are 2-3 times more likely to develop lupus, to take control of their health, the way they run the other important areas of their lives, and not ignore it if they haven’t been feeling their best.

The campaign website,, houses a number of resources to help women take control of their health:

  • Resources about lupus, its symptoms, and frequently asked questions
  • Could it be Lupus?” interactive questionnaire that willhelp women figure out what to do about their symptoms
  • Symptom tracker for keeping track of symptoms over time
  • Guide for preparing for a health care provider visit

You can help spread the word about Be Fierce. Take Control.™ by sharing the website and using #BeFierceTakeControl on social media. By sharing, you are becoming a vital partner in driving further awareness about this mysterious disease to those who need it most.