Missouri Health Connection Announces Name Change to Midwest Health Connection to Reflect Broader Commitment to the Health Care Community

COLUMBIA, MO – Missouri Health Connection, one of the largest health information exchanges (HIE) in the United States, is pleased to announce today that we will be changing our name to Midwest Health Connection (MHC). This name change reflects our organization’s ongoing commitment to serve as many health care providers and stakeholders as possible to transform the delivery of care with greater and better interoperability of health data. Midwest Health Connection will continue to expand our HIE network across the Midwest region to provide meaningful and actionable health data exchange services where it is needed for our participating members.

The new name – Midwest Health Connection – more appropriately reflects our current network geography and market share. It also allows us to emphasize our business objectives around transforming the delivery of health care in all of the states and territories that make the most sense for our current customers that operate in many of Missouri’s contiguous states,” says Angie Bass, Chief Executive Officer of Midwest Health Connection.

Midwest Health Connection will continue to be your trusted, secure HIE network that ensures patients, physicians, hospitals, payors and other health care stakeholders have access to critical health information in order to improve patient care and the wellbeing of the public. We are continuously working to improve the quality of medical decision-making and the coordination of care, safeguarding the privacy and security of medical information, reducing preventable medical errors and duplication of treatment, enhancing the affordability and value of health care, and empowering patients to take a more active role in their own health care.

The Board of Directors of Midwest Health Connection could not be more pleased in announcing our name change reflecting our service to health care consumers throughout the Midwest. We have been honored to serve Missouri for a considerable time, providing real-time access to essential medical histories and will continue to do so, but health care for Missouri means being connected to our border states and beyond; we must continue to expand to accommodate our vast patient crossover that occurs on Missouri’s borders,” said John Conroy, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Midwest Health Connection and Executive Director of Mercy Health.

Please visit Midwest Health Connection’s new website at www.MHC-HIE.org.

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