Missouri Women in Agriculture

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Dr. Temple Grandin and Amberley Snyder to offers practical tips, inspiration for women farmers, ranchers

The 2020 Pixels of Production — Women in Agriculture online conference will offer women farmers and ranchers a four-night opportunity to learn practical tips and be inspired. The online event, presented via Zoom, replaces the annual Pearls of Production face-to-face, hands-on conference. This is the conference’s 13th year. Topics range from ergonomics to silvopasture, according to University of Missouri Extension swine nutritionist Marcia Shannon.

The sessions run 6-9 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays from November 5-17. Each evening’s presentations include a session on practical tips and a headline speakers. Shannon noted the keynote speakers are sandwiched between other speakers, so “if people are still fixing supper or still doing chores and get on late, they won’t miss the keynoter.”

Sessions and topics include:

Nov. 5

  • “Ergonomic Tool Talk” with MU Extension health and safety specialist Karen Funkenbusch and livestock specialist Brenda Schreck.
  • “Livestock Identity and Tagging” with livestock specialists Kendra Graham and Rachel Hopkins.
  • Ashland farmer Caroline Sicht gives keynote address on “Building Bridges” to help farmers tell their stories. Visit TellYourFarmStory.com.

 Nov. 10

  • “Livestock in the Woods” with natural resources specialist Sarah Havens.
  • Keynote speaker Micah Jansen, a Zoetis Inc. veterinarian, will speak on “Vaccinology.” She gives an overview of basic pig immunology, how vaccines work, how vaccines can become less effective and how to properly vaccinate.
  • “Silvopasture” with Ashley Conway of the MU Center for Agroforestry. Conway talks about the integration of trees with animals and forages.

 Nov. 12

  • “ABCs of USDA” with USDA representatives.
  • Keynote speaker Temple Grandin, renowned author on animal behavior and autism.
  • “Grant Writing” with horticulture specialist Debi Kelly.

 Nov. 17

  • “Livestock Tools and Equipment” with livestock specialists Kendra Graham and Rachel Hopkins.
  • Keynote speaker Amberley Snyder on “There Is No Future in Giving Up.” She is the author of “Walk Ride Rodeo: A Story About Amberley Snyder.”
  • “Regenerative Agriculture” with Susan Jaster, farm outreach worker with Lincoln University.