Mizzou Addressing COVID-19 Activities

The students and staff have done some amazing things! MU Extension pulled in medical students, Journalism, Public Health, and Nursing, to name a few, approximately 6 weeks ago, to build teams to address resources, information, and community support related to COVID-19.


  • Lobbying team: Pushing for statewide state-at-home/shelter-in-place order from governor; advocating for better housing/quarantine policies via city council.
  • Social media team: Pushing out accurate, factual messages on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Blogs, and YouTube.
  • Mutual support of local medical/scientific community: Support fellow med students, but also nursing students, pharmacists, undergrads, PhD.
  • Community support: Helping our communities when churches and schools and community/rec centers have all closed and we have enforced time at home. Addressing issues like IPV, child abuse, and child malnutrition when schools are closed.
  • Positive articles: Developing some content on some positives that are coming out of the responses to the Coronavirus epidemic.
  • Practice articles: Summarizing recommendations from the national societies to laypeople- in a health literate manner.
  • Supporting our local DOH: Moving target as they figure out what they need.
  • Call center: The health department is putting together a call center to answer constituent concerns about COVID-19. They need it staffed from 7 AM – 7 PM every day.