NARHC Webinar – Ordering Over-The-Counter Tests from HRSA

Date: February 9, 2022

In December, the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) announced the launch of the HRSA COVID-19 Testing Supply Program. Rural Health Clinics RHCs) are able to enroll and request over-the-counter COVID tests be shipped directly to RHCs or designated sites across the country. Hundreds of RHCs have successfully enrolled and received over-the-counter COVID testing supply.

The National Association of Rural Health Clinic (NARHC) will be hosting a webinar on Monday Feb. 14th at 2pm Eastern to provide a status update on the HRSA COVID-19 Testing Supply Program and discuss how to properly enroll in the Health Provider Ordering Portal (HPOP) and the Diagnostic Provider Ordering Portal (DPOP).

Some RHCs have expressed issues with enrollment and registration due to extremely high demand for over-the-counter COVID tests and quick launch of the program for RHCs. HRSA has been extremely dedicated to resolving issues as fast as possible and has funded NARHC through a cooperative agreement to help RHCs through the enrollment and ordering process.

Please join Sarah Hohman, NARHC Deputy Director of Government Affairs and Nathan Baugh, NARHC Director of Government Affairs on Monday, Feb. 14th at 2pm to learn more about this amazing opportunity to acquire over-the-counter COVID tests for your community!

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Date: Monday, February 14th

Time: 2:00 PM ET

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  • Sarah Hohman, NARHC Deputy Director of Government Affairs
  • Nathan Baugh, NARHC Director of Government Affairs

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