National Quality Forum (NQF) Proposed Prediabetes Quality Measures – public comment period closes September 3, 2020

NQF is seeking comments on three proposed quality measures related to prediabetes. While there are numerous measures related to diabetes, this is the first time measures are being proposed specifically for prediabetes. Quality measures are used for many purposes, including identifying what works to drive improvement and identifying disparities in care delivery and outcomes. In addition, quality measures are becoming increasingly important relative to payment as the health care system shifts from fee for service to value-based care.

The three proposed measures are:

  • NQF#3569 – Prediabetes: Screening for Abnormal Blood Glucose
  • NQF#3570 – Intervention for Prediabetes
  • NQF#3571 – Retesting of Abnormal Blood Glucose in Patients with Prediabetes

 To access the measure descriptions and send comments, you will need to register for an NQF login and password (there is no charge for this). To access the comment section, set up a log in. You will need to review the descriptions of the measures attached to this email.