National Rural Health Association: Let’s protect what matters most

Vaccinating rural communities starts with trust.

You know better than anyone that vaccine hesitancy among rural Americans means COVID-19 will linger in smaller communities for the foreseeable future – unless more is done to increase vaccination rates.

That’s why NRHA is proud to announce the association’s Rural Vaccine Confidence Initiative, a vital vaccine education toolkit that helps rural leaders build vaccine confidence at the local level, and HRSA’s recent $1 million award to NRHA and in partnership with the CDC for further development and support.

In partnership with Legato Healthcare Marketing, NRHA has developed a collection of rural-specific vaccine education materials designed to be customized by health care workers, community members, employers, and other leaders to communicate real vaccine facts in their own words.

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During can’t-miss sessions at NRHA’s virtual Critical Access Hospital Conference, NRHA and Legato Healthcare Marketing will introduce and discuss the Rural Vaccine Confidence Initiative and provide technical assistance to attendees.

NRHA looks forward to working with you to help protect all of the “whys” behind the choice to get vaccinated – along with everything that makes rural America so special.