Public Health Scholarship Program

Date: March 30, 2022

Public Health Scholarship Program

The Public Health Scholarship Program provides grants to strengthen the public health workforce by providing support to organizations to develop scholarship programs that incentivize individuals to pursue training and careers in public health. Projects should focus on workforce shortages, populations at highest risk for health disparities, low health literacy, social determinants of health (SDOH), and infrastructure to provide necessary services in rural and underserved communities.

The program goal is to increase the capacity in public health systems to meet core public health functions, the Ten Essential Public Health Services, and decrease public health inequities and health disparities. Objectives include:

  • Enhance the knowledge and skills of the public health workforce by developing or strengthening community partnerships and linkages to identify employment needs, training opportunities, and to facilitate scholarship recipients’ employment post-training completion in state or local governments, including state, local, territorial or tribal public health departments, and other public health-related organizations
  • Educate the public health workforce to address public health inequities and health disparities and incorporate principles of SDOH into practice
  • Educate the public health workforce to prevent, prepare for, and respond to recovery activities related to COVID–19, as well as other public health emergencies, by providing public health field experience (practicum) opportunities

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