RFA: Building State Capacity: Primary Care Office Training Academy

December 08, 2022

Request for Applications: Building State Capacity: Primary Care Office Training Academy 

 CLICK HERE FOR THE RFA: PCO Training Academy RFA 2023

ASTHO and NOSORH are excited to announce the request for applications (RFA) to the 2023 Virtual Primary Care Office (PCO) Training Academy! This six-month program provides the opportunity for new key PCO staff to receive mentoring from an experienced PCO staff member. Mentors are paired with mentees based on the needs identified in the mentee application.  A virtual training academy kick-off meeting will take place on March 7-9, 2023, approximately 3 hours a day.

The goals of the PCO Training Academy are to:

  • Measurably increase PCO directors’ or their staffs’ familiarity with all the major components of the work of Primary Care Offices, including knowledge of the Health Resources and Services Administration’s (HRSA) role and processes relating to PCO funding, support, and oversight;
  • Build useful working relationships among PCO directors and staff, both through a mentorship program of PCO directors who are able to consult and strategize amongst each other and between newer PCO directors and more experienced ones who are able to provide guidance and expert advice; and,
  • Foster PCO director and staff leadership in the fields of primary care and access to healthcare in their states/territories and communities by helping them form connections with other partners in state/territorial government and the public health community more broadly.

Applications are due by January 3, 2023:

  • To apply for a spot as a mentee, please complete and submit your Full Application via e-mail to bethk@nosorh.org. Attached is the RFA.
  • If you are a veteran PCO that is interested in serving as a mentor, simply fill out the survey at the following link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/KSLL5DR