Rural Healthy People 2030 Survey

The Southwest Rural Health Research Center at Texas A&M University with funding support from the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy is conducting a survey as part of Rural Healthy People 2030 – a project designed to understand the most important health priorities for rural Americans. This once in a decade survey allows individuals who care about rural health like you to voice your opinions on important topics for the health of rural individuals in the United States.

As a valued rural health stakeholder, your opinion in identifying national priorities is vital. You are encouraged to please participate in this research study by completing the survey at the link below. Please also share it with any other rural stakeholders you know. This would include individuals who work for public health officials in rural areas, medical providers serving rural clients, hospitals and health clinics serving rural Americans, as well as researchers, journalists, advocates, policymakers, and more who report on or try to improve the lives of rural Americans through their work.

The survey should take 15-20 minutes to complete and if you have any questions about this study, please feel free to reach out to Timothy Callaghan at

Survey Link:

Texas A&M IRB #IRB2021-0455

IRB approval date: 6/2/21