Virtual Rural Job Fair

In celebration of National Rural Health day, the November Virtual Job Fair will highlight health care facilities located in rural areas. These communities are wonderful places to live, work, and have unique healthcare needs. HRSA Virtual Job Fairs are free events and a great way to connect health care facilities with clinicians like you.

During the fair, you will learn about available employment opportunities across the country, benefit packages offered, and general information about patient populations.

Be Prepared

Prepare for the HRSA Virtual Job Fair by building a searchable professional profile on the Health Workforce Connector. Highlight and share your experiences, education, and employment preferences with organizations searching for qualified candidates like you!

With more than 6,000 job opportunities throughout 23,000+ organizations, the Connector helps future and current health professionals find careers in underserved communities. Organizations will be looking for you before and after the event. Create your searchable profile on the Health Workforce Connector so they can find you!

What you need to participate

  • A computer, smart phone, or other mobile technology with access to the Internet
  • Complete the registration form to register

Visit the Virtual Job Fair Website for more information about the event.  

Register now to find your next training or employment opportunity.

November 18, 2020
7:00 to 10:15 PM ET