Webinar: A Pandemic Recovery Toolkit for Rural Healthcare Organizations

Date: September 17, 2020

Time: 2:00 PM Central


The COVID-19 pandemic continues to challenge healthcare facilities, from disrupting supply chains to straining the resources and clinicians who are treating patients in unprecedented circumstances. In this transitionary period of healthcare, the “new normal” will lead to a comprehensive and enduring restructuring of economic, financial and social dynamics.

To implement an effective transition, organizations must devise intelligent, forward-thinking strategies that optimize processes, technologies and other organizational resources to deliver maximum results and value.

This session will detail how healthcare organizations can implement solutions in several areas to reduce costs and improve revenue quickly. Specific solution areas will include:

  • Utilizing group purchasing resources to reduce supply cost in near real time.
  • Accelerating cash flow and optimizing revenue cycle processes.
  • Reducing payment processing fees and improving collections.
  • Implementing automation to improve processes capture revenue in areas including denials management, billing and medical coding.