Webinar: Moving Forward: Strategies to Help Rural & Community Hospitals Face COVID-19 with AI-powered Technologies (a 3-part series)

Date: August 18-20, 2020

Time: 12:00 PM Central


In this upcoming three-part webinar series, Nuance Healthcare CMIO’s and speakers from several rural hospitals across the country will discuss the current state of healthcare in rural communities and best practices to ensure the right AI-powered technologies and resources are in place to remain financially viable and future-proof their revenue. This webinar series will review how to adapt and think creatively about your business during COVID-19 and beyond. Topics will include telehealth, clinical documentation improvement and revenue recovery/future-proofing health systems.

Session 1: Optimizing AI-powered Speech Recognition Solutions to Streamline Telehealth Documentation

Session 2: How to Remain Financially Viable and Improve the Bottom Line Through COVID-19

Session 3: A Hospital’s Perspective: Strategies to Future-Proof your Revenue and Optimize Resources