Webinar Recording: Negotiating the Requirements of Pricing Transparency

Exceeding Patient Expectations and How to Use Pricing as a Competitive Weapon 

Effective January 1st, 2021, every hospital must make available two files for public consumption. The first file must detail a listing of 300 shoppable services. The second file must be a comprehensive file that makes public all standard charge information for all hospital items and services. To ensure that your hospital has an effective and satisfactory platform to address January 2021 expectations, Warbird Revenue Cycle Optimization has created a complimentary educational webinar that reviews the 2020 Pricing Transparency Final Rule’s requirements and scope. Within the webinar, focus is placed upon steps and strategies that will allow you to make pricing transparency a competitive advantage and exceed patient expectations. 

Webinar addresses the following:  

  • Review the 2020 Pricing Transparency Final Rule, effective January 1, 2021 
  • Discuss the logic behind the requirements and expectations 
  • Review component definitions 
  • Detail file formats and requirements 
    • Comprehensive File 
    • Shoppable Services 
  • Provide “Tales from the Field” 
    • Issues 
    • Best Practices 
  • Review “Action Items to Optimize Results” 
  • Address Frequently Asked Questions

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