Webinar Recording: Swing Bed Focus During Challenging Times

This webinar was recorded and available on-demand HERE.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Transitional Care program which began at Mayo Clinic is a quality and financial win for CAHs, helping them grow their Swing Bed volume.  The model also significantly benefits Tertiary Hospitals and most importantly, patients in rural communities.
  • Allevant has designed an 18 month Transitional Care program (first 3 months at no charge) geared towards addressing Covid-19 challenges.  The program is accessible so that any Critical Access Hospital can benefit and not be overwhelmed with the cost and work involved.  The model can be initiated without adding additional resources.
  • The Transitional Care Program is a great way to meet current patient demand and prepare and help pay for value-based population health efforts.
  • MENDS(R)  which is included in our program is a new model aimed at improving the health and wellness of rural community members and rural health care workers.