CMS Adds to ACO, ESCO Resources with a Care Transformation Toolkit, Case Studies, and a Tip Sheet

CMS is announcing the release of new resources highlighting strategies that Medicare Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and End-Stage Renal Disease Seamless Care Organizations (ESCOs) use to improve quality of care, lower health care costs, and enhance the beneficiary experience. These resources, posted on the ACO General Information web page, include:

  • A care transformation toolkit that describes ACO approaches to developing and implementing programs that transform the delivery of care and relate to telehealth, home visits, and timely access to skilled nursing facilities.
  • Four case studies that feature specific ACO and ESCO initiatives to:
  • A tip sheet that highlights strategies for enhancing education on home dialysis and for expanding the use of home dialysis.

The care transformation toolkit, case studies, and tip sheet join a collection of resources for organizations participating in value-based care models, including toolkits on provider engagement, beneficiary engagement and care coordination, and over a dozen case studies that describe ACO and ESCO strategies to improve care delivery. For more information please visit the ACO General Information web page.