*FREE ONLINE TRAINING* Reporting Quality & Care Management Services and Evaluation & Management in Rural Health

May 4-5, 2020  9:00 AM-4:30 PM CST

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Day 1: Missouri Reporting Quality and Care Management Services in Rural Health

4 CME Credits: MD, DO, NP, PA, RN

General description: 

This virtual online training is designed for Rural Health Clinics (RHC) providers, quality managers, ACO leadership, and revenue cycle staff at rural health facilities who need a high-level basic explanation of how to report accurate quality metrics and who deal with HEDIS, HCC, QIP, Risk Adjustment, and Share Savings.

RHC Overview: We will begin with a RHC documentation>coding>billing overview including:

·       How coding and billing is different in a RHC.

·       Review of the key elements of the CMS Benefits and Claims Manual sections (chapters 9 & 13).

·       Which services are included in the All-Inclusive Rate and which services get paid via fee-for-service or via a flat fee when billing Medicare?

·       Preventive Medicine for the IPPE, AWV, and almost a dozen other “sometimes covered” G-codes performed by a RHC.

Reporting Quality:  After a brief overview of HEDIS/HCC and other Quality Improvement programs, we will dive into relevant sections of the ICD-10-CM’s “Official Guidelines for Coding & Reimbursement” and will review the instructional notes associated with key diagnoses in order to most accurately report the true complexity of care for your ACO patients and to:

·      recognize the impact of medical documentation on the accuracy and completeness of quality data;

·      properly reporting Care Management services to coordinate treating chronic diseases;

·      report accurate and complete Quality Metrics via historical claims data; and,

·      how to fully report the true complexity of your patients via ICD-10-CM documentation rules.


Day 2: Evaluation & Management Rural Health – E/M 2021 Updates & Changes

5.5 CEUs approved by AAPC & ArchProCoding   

5.5 CME Credits: MD, DO, NP, PA, RN


This interactive 1-day training is intended for healthcare practitioners, medical billers, coders, auditors, office managers and IT professionals involved with authoring clinical documentation, generating E&M progress notes, auditing professional physician service claims and maintaining a healthy revenue cycle. The primary course focus will emphasize documentation guidelines set forth by CMS for reporting Evaluation and Management services (E&M), as defined by CPT. The curriculum will provide attendees with a strong grasp of Evaluation and Management auditing, coding and documentation techniques.

The curriculum is designed to assist in development and mastery of the necessary skill set to successfully audit Evaluation and Management (E&M) services. This education and training has been designed to promote compliance and minimize the risk mitigation associated with post-payment review and 3rd party audit exposure.