Funding Opportunities for Community Health Worker and Paraprofessional Training & Public Health Scholarship Program

November 24, 2021


Two New Funding Opportunities 

The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) will release two new Notices of Funding Opportunity to support training to expand the public health workforce. The funding opportunities are tentatively scheduled to post in February 2022.

The Biden-Harris Administration is supporting the COVID-19 response and building on current equity-focused programs and initiatives through the American Rescue Plan. This funding includes nearly $240 million for HRSA to expand the public health workforce by creating a pipeline program for 13,000 community health workers and paraprofessionals from underserved communities. HRSA will also invest nearly $39 million to support organizations for developing scholarship programs that incentivize individuals to pursue careers in public health. 

Community Health Worker and Paraprofessional Training Program (HRSA-22-124)

Purpose: The Community Health Worker and Paraprofessional Training Program will expand the public health workforce by training new community health workers (CHWs) and paraprofessionals and extending the knowledge and skills of current ones. This program aims to increase access to care, improve public health emergency response, and address the public health needs of underserved communities. 

The program will focus on education and on-the-job training to build the pipeline of these public health workers in the most underserved communities. It will also support apprenticeship programs and on-the-job training at over 500 health care and public health sites nationally, such as emergency departments, health centers, state and local public health departments, community health centers, mobile health clinics, shelters, housing programs, faith-based organizations, and other locations where high-risk populations access care and receive services.

Eligible Applicants: (A) a health professions school, including an accredited school or program of public health, health administration, preventive medicine, or dental public health or a school providing health management programs; (B) an academic health center; (C) a State or local government; or (D) any other appropriate public or private nonprofit entity such as, but not limited to: technical schools, State and local health departments, community health centers, K-12 public schools, hospitals, faith-based and community based organizations, and tribal entities that train public and allied health workers.

Contact Tara Spencer or Marian Smithey for additional information. 

Public Health Scholarship Program (HRSA-22-122)

Purpose: The Public Health Scholarship Program’s purpose is to strengthen the public health workforce by supporting organizations to develop scholarship programs that incentivize individuals to pursue careers in public health. Through this program, scholarship recipients will gain the requisite knowledge and skills necessary to prevent, prepare for, and respond to recovery activities related to COVID-19, as well as other public health emergencies. This program will provide funds to award recipients to provide scholarships to 1) individuals in professional, graduate, and/or certificate programs in public health, and 2) employees of public health department/entity/site receiving training in public health. Scholarships will be awarded to individuals by grant recipients. The applicant will be required to have an existing public health training program as well as public health partnerships in place, along with a system to assist scholarship recipients to maintain or obtain employment in public health upon completion of their training.

Eligible Applicants: State-controlled institutions of higher education; private institutions of higher education, Native American tribal governments (Federally recognized), state, city, or township governments

Contact Anne Patterson for additional information.