New VA-Offered Training Opportunity

Community Care Clinicians Can Take an Online Training Program to Learn How to Better Serve Women Veterans

The Veterans Administration (VA) is dedicated to ensuring that women Veterans get the gender-specific care they need, no matter where they receive their health care. Women Veterans have unique health care needs that may require different assessments, care and resources. For example, issues such as military sexual trauma, musculoskeletal pain and post-deployment readjustment can differently impact women Veterans. To get the highest-quality care, women Veterans must have access to clinicians who are trained in women’s health.

Community health care clinicians may not be aware of special areas of concern that need to be addressed when caring for women Veterans. To address this need, the VA Office of Women’s Health has created a training module “Caring for Women Veterans,” which trains community care clinicians to provide Veteran and gender-specific care. Clinicians who take this course will learn to:

  • Recognize how the evolving role, increasing number, and diversity of females in military service impacts their changing medical care needs.
  • List the key components of a military history while understanding how a woman Veteran’s service might affect her current or future health.
  • Recognize the gender-specific, clinical manifestations of common Veteran health issues including pain syndromes and mental health disorders.
  • Apply strategies for integrating patient-centered, sensitive care into the pelvic exam of a woman Veteran who has experienced military sexual trauma.


This web-based course is one-hour, available 24/7 and offers JA-IPCE, ACCME, ACCME-NP, ANCC, ASWB, AAPA, ACPE accreditation to health care teams, doctors, nurses, social workers, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants.

If you care for women Veterans, take this training to learn more about the unique health needs of women Veterans: Access the course now by clicking here.