NRHA launches Rural Advocacy Guide ahead of Policy Institute

Date: January 20, 2022

The National Rural Health Association’s (NRHA) goal is to connect you and hundreds of rural health stakeholders to help members of Congress, the executive branch, and federal staff understand what is needed to improve rural health and health care. Engagement in activities including the association’s virtual 33rd Rural Health Policy Institute Feb. 8-10 and ongoing grassroots campaigns allows NRHA members to actively participate in advocacy efforts to bring about needed rural health policy and legislation. NRHA created a new advocacy 101 guide to help members amplify their voices through information and tools provided by the association. NRHA encourages all rural health stakeholders to review this guide and attend NRHA’s Advocacy 101 workshop Feb. 9 by registering for Policy Institute at the discounted virtual rate of $260 or $130 for students. One thing everyone can all agree on is that rural should be a priority. But does Congress know what’s next for rural health? As the new normal is navigated, direct advocacy is how elected officials will know what unique rural communities need.