Technical Assistance for Small, Rural, Vulnerable Hospitals

Date: June 8, 2022

Technical Assistance for Small, Rural, Vulnerable Hospitals

The Texas A and M University Rural and Community Health Institute provides targeted technical assistance for rural hospitals to improve quality of care, maintain access to care, and address the challenges that are unique to small hospitals and the towns they serve. Assistance may be on-site and/or remote.

Common technical assistance support requests include:

  • Finance challenges
  • Recruitment and retention
  • Community engagement
  • Hospital board challenges
  • Grant writing

Eligible participants include:

  • Hospitals defined by the federal or state government as rural (Federal Office of Rural Health Policy eligibility tool)
  • All Critical Access Hospitals
  • Hospitals operated by tribes and tribal organizations
  • Rural hospitals evaluating healthcare services provided to the community

Entities participating in the Delta Region Health Systems Technical Assistance or the Rural Healthcare Provider Transitions Project (RHPTP) program are ineligible. Medicare Rural Hospital Flexibility Grant or Small Rural Hospital Improvement Project program participants may apply.

This is a technical assistance opportunity.

Thirty hospitals are selected each year to participate. Five hospitals will receive Tier I status, and 25 hospitals will receive Tier II status. A table showing the program services by Tier is available in the FAQs.

A link to the online application portal is available on the program website.

Applicant webinar recording

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