DED County Guidance Maps: Help Map the Broadband Gap

December 29, 2022

DED County Guidance Maps: Help Map the Broadband Gap

County Guidance Maps: Help Map the Broadband Gap

Missourians have until January 13, 2023, to file challenges to FCC maps of broadband coverage in time to affect our share of more than $42 billion in funding through the Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) Program. With just days left, DED’s Office of Broadband Development wants to help identify where citizens could best focus their efforts.

Blocks of Interest Maps

The DED team has released county maps highlighting areas where a large portion of locations are close to an “unserved” classification. These locations were identified using knowledge of broadband availability, public feedback, and challenges submitted so far. Not every location is challengeable, and challenges should only be filed based on knowledge of available service. We encourage Missourians to review locations to ensure reported services are accurate.

FCC vs. Census Maps

The DED team has also released county maps identifying areas of the state where the FCC map may be missing addresses, based on a comparison with Census data. Missourians in the highlighted areas are encouraged to check that they were not inadvertently left off the FCC map.

To view or download both types of maps for each county, use the link below or visit