Missouri Opening After COVID-19

The State of Missouri is working towards a cautious, data-driven recovery from COVID-19. Starting May 4, some of the statewide restrictions will be eased. The May 4 statewide order maintains social distancing requirements, prohibits visitations to certain critical care assistance and end-of-life facilities in accordance with recent nationwide guidelines, and continues school closures for the remainder of this school year. However, the order also allows increased public retail activities, in-dining services at restaurants, and opens state office buildings as soon as practicable. The plan is centered around flexibility in order to adapt to each community’s ability to reopen at a rate that makes sense, based on public health data. In terms of personal interactions, it is important to note that social distancing still applies. Avoiding large gatherings and remaining at least 6 feet from others, with the exception of those you live with, is still vital. Social distancing is working, and it needs to continue as we ease into this next phase. More information, including industry-specific FAQs, can be found at ShowMeStrong.mo.gov. Questions can also be answered by calling the statewide COVID-19 hotline at 877-435-8411.