June 30, 2020

Help Spread #WellChildWednesdays to Encourage Parents to Keep Up with Pediatric Checkups and Immunizations.

CDC data show that fewer children are receiving timely immunizations this year compared to last year. Declines in vaccination coverage can leave young children and communities vulnerable to otherwise preventable diseases like measles.

To encourage parents and stakeholders to keep up with these important well-child visits and immunizations, HRSA launched a new social media campaign with the hashtag #WellChildWednesdays. Each Wednesday for four weeks, messages will address well-child visits, immunizations, adolescent and young adult care, and nutrition, safety, and mental health as topics to be discussed with pediatric providers.

Health centers can encourage families to maintain well-child visits and immunizations by communicating directly with families. One easy way to do so is by sharing HRSA’s #WellChildWednesdays posts on your health center’s social media.

The first messages have already posted, and more messages will appear on Twitter and Facebook with the handle @HRSAgov and #WellChildWednesdays. Please share, retweet, and promote the hashtag #WellChildWednesdays to help us to amplify this important message!