CDC Science Brief – Mpox Brief

February 3, 2023

CDC Science Brief – Mpox Brief

Today, CDC released an updated Science Brief: Detection and Transmission of Mpox Virus. These updates incorporate findings from a growing body of scientific evidence that now show some people can spread mpox virus to others from one to four days before symptoms of mpox appear. This is known as presymptomatic spread. There is currently no evidence showing that people who never develop symptoms have spread mpox virus to someone else.

During the current outbreak, the most common way mpox has spread from person to person is through direct contact with the infectious rash, scabs, or body fluids, especially during sexual contact. People infected with mpox virus may be able to spread mpox virus to others for up to two weeks after becoming ill.

In the United States, mpox cases have declined, but it’s still important for people who are eligible to get vaccinated to prevent future cases, especially people in communities disproportionally affected by mpox. Vaccination is an important tool to protect people from mpox and stop the spread of mpox. People who are eligible for mpox vaccination should get two doses for the best protection. The second dose should be given four weeks after the first dose.

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