FREE Ventilator for Rural Hospitals

March 12, 2024

The Office of Rural Health and Primary Care (ORHPC) has been notified that the Strategic National Stockpile is offering all Rural Hospitals the opportunity to claim a FREE ventilator.

Important Notes:

  • These ventilators were first offered to rural hospitals in 2021
  • All rural hospitals are eligible to request a ventilator
    • Regardless of participation in 2021
  • Request your ventilator now, by completing the Rural Hospital Ventilator Form
    • Be sure to include appropriate and accurate point of contacts
    • You will also need to coordinate with logistics and respiratory departments to ensure smooth delivery of the unit

Ventilator Distribution Opportunity for Rural Hospitals, Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How many ventilators can I request?
    • rural hospitals may submit a request for more than one ventilator (per model) via the interest form. However, please remember there is no guarantee as distribution is contingent on availability
  • Can I request a new ventilator if I already received a ventilator in 2021 during the COVID-19 response?
    • Yes. Rural hospitals may request a ventilator(s) regardless if they participated in the previous distribution of ventilators
  • Will I need to return the ventilator?
    • No. However, you will be responsible for ongoing maintenance of the ventilator
  • What is included in the ventilator kit?
    • Each model should include one ventilator and one accessory kit
  • Do I need to cover the cost for shipping and delivery of the ventilator?
    • No. Once the ventilators are ready to ship, the Strategic National Stockpile will coordinate with their contractor to confirm and arrange delivery.
      • Prior to delivery, it’s important your hospital’s point of contact coordinate internally with your logistics and respiratory team to ensure the equipment will be delivered to the correct facility.
  • Ventilator models available include:
    • ResMed Astral 150
    • AutoMedx SAVE II
      • Please note: these models were NOT produced through the Defense Production Act and have been fully maintained and cleared by the FDA for regular use.

Claim Your Free Ventilator Today