Join NRHA’s 2023 CFO Certification Program Cohort

March 6, 2023

Join NRHA’s 2023 CFO Certification Program Cohort

Join the exclusive group of rural hospital certified CFOs in leading their rural hospitals to success. This program was created by top performing, tenured rural executives with a passion to help current and aspiring rural hospital CFOs learn what they need to excel, thrive and LEAD!

Invest in your career this year by becoming a Certified Rural Hospital CFO!

Become the best CFO you can be by growing your confidence as a leader with rural specific leadership skills taught by rural healthcare experts. Remain current in your knowledge base, network with other rural hospital CFOs, learn best practices, and more!

This program only launches once a year and there’s still time to enroll in the March 2023 Cohort! Don’t wait until next year to start growing your knowledge, network, and confidence!

With a maximum of 24 CFOs in each cohort, benefit from:

  • Small classes
  • Individual attention
  • Exclusive networking
  • Learning from the best

What graduates have to say about the program:

  • “An excellent program, well-structured and designed. I am an experienced CFO and I learned some very valuable stuff.”
  • “I thought in general this was great. For me, someone who just got started in the medical field, this was very helpful in getting me started. It also helped with networking. These are people that I am not sure I ever would have been able to talk with if it weren’t for this program.”
  • “Great program. Great opportunity.”

Program details, payment terms, and other specifics made available upon application.

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