MIH Summit Registration Now Open

July 3, 2023

MIH Summit Registration Now Open

Registration for the Mobile Integrated Healthcare (MIH) Summit is now open. The MIH Summit is a pre-conference to the EMS Conference.

THE MIH Summit will provide knowledge, skill-building and networking opportunities for individuals interested in integrating care and developing innovative solutions that minimize barriers to care through non-traditional partnerships and locally formed networks.

Why Attend:

The MIH Summit and MIH Track at Missouri’s EMS Conference & Expo is for healthcare and EMS professionals representing diverse disciplines working to improve healthcare outcomes for all. The MIH community includes but is not limited to:

  • healthcare leaders, managers, providers across all disciplines
  • community health workers
  • community paramedics
  • paramedics and EMTs
  • payers
  • nonprofit organizations
  • policy advocates
  • workforce development

When: July 30 – August 3, 2023

Where: St. Charles Convention Center, St. Charles, MO

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