Primary Care Training and Enhancement-Language and Disability Access (PCTE-LDA) (HRSA-23-123) Top 5 FAQs

June 23,2023

Primary Care Training and Enhancement-Language and Disability Access (PCTE-LDA) (HRSA-23-123) 

Top 5 FAQs

Q1: If an applicant intends to apply for both focus areas (LEP and IDD), will the trainees need to be trained in both focus areas?

       A: No. Trainees do not have to be trained in both tracks. However, if the trainee elects to do so, they are required to complete the clinical rotation in each                focus area.

The required clinical rotation for the LEP and the physical/IDD track is:

    • Two months for physician assistant students and medical residents
    • Two weeks for medical students

Q2: Do trainees have to participate for two consecutive months/weeks or can the rotation be spread throughout their period of training?

         A: No. The clinical rotation may be spread throughout their training.

Q3: Can I apply for more than one training level, such as physician assistant students, medical students, and primary care residency programs, or should I submit a separate application for each?

         A: Yes. You may submit an application that includes one or more eligible training programs from the same applicant organization. You must submit the                   accreditation documentation for all training programs included in your application.

Q4: If I submit one application for each focus area, will approval only be granted for one of the focus areas?

         A: Multiple applications from an institution are allowable. However, only one application from an organization with the same Unique Entity Identifier                     will be funded.

Q5: Are medical students required to do a two-month clinical rotation?

        A: No. Medical students are required to do a two-week clinical rotation for the Language Assistance for Individuals with Limited English                             Proficiency (LEP) focus area or a two-week clinical rotation for Care for Individuals with Physical Disabilities and/or Intellectual and Developmental      Disabilities (IDD) focus area. If medical students train in both focus areas, they are required to complete a two-week clinical rotation in each focus area.

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Applications accepted until 11:59 p.m. ET on July 3, 2023.