Upcoming Webinar – Make Clinic Training Stick

January 4, 2024

Upcoming Webinar – Make Clinic Training Stick

This one-hour Executive Briefing is designed for healthcare managers and leaders. Let Brian Lee, CSP, HoF be your guide to hardwiring a culture focused on 5 star Patient Experience with Everyone’s a Caregiver®.

Make clinic training stick by empowering your providers and caregivers to deliver a thoughtful, timely patient experience, every time.

Why You Should Attend:

  • Learn best practices and skills to improve and own your patient experience scores
    • Improve patient satisfaction scores and low Google ratings
  • Enhance your onboarding and retention process by educating new hires with 17 must-have patient experience communication skills
    • Inspire new hires
    • Reduce mentor training hours
  • Boost employee engagement while learning together and sharing ideas
    • Energize your staff
  • Meet your patients’ expectations every time
  • Become a patient relationship expert and learn how to train your staff as patient relationship experts

When: Monday, January 22, 8 PM/9 M/10 C/ 11E

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