Mental Health Resources for Rural Residents

October 24, 2023

Mental Health Resources for Rural Residents

A large part of caring for one’s physical health and well-being is mental health. Access to mental health care in rural areas can be a challenge, though.

The rural lifestyle is very different from the way people live in more urban areas. The pace of life in less densely populated areas is slower and more solitary, and these areas have been particularly impacted by the declining agricultural industry and often face financial hardship. Factors such as these are directly correlated with an increased risk of suicide in rural communities.

Over 6 million rural individuals struggle with mental illness or other psychiatric disorders, and it can be difficult to find and receive treatment for these conditions in rural areas. Oftentimes, people who live in these areas have minimal or no insurance coverage for mental illness. They may also have fewer options for mental health care providers or have to travel long distances to see one.

The Missouri Office of Rural Health is dedicated to informing rural communities about and emphasizing the importance of mental health, while also providing information on mental health resources across the state. Taking care of your mental health is part of caring for your overall health. Conditions such as depression or anxiety are legitimate illnesses, like diabetes or arthritis.

Rural residents can visit online resources like LiveAnotherDay for help with locating mental health resources and providers across the state of Missouri. Please visit the resources linked below for more information related to rural mental health in Missouri and nationwide.

Missouri Mental Health Resources

Nationwide Mental Health Resources